40th anniversary

október 29, 2016 298 Views 0 Comments

Alfredo Villalba celebrates its 40th anniversary by paying tribute to an iconic garment and key piece of the luxury fashion brand: the “dress-jacket”. Diego Villalba, current creative director and son of the founder of the eponymous brand, parts from this garment that he completely transforms and revisits into beautiful couture pieces, adding his personal creative style that dialogues in an avant-garde language with deliberate antagonism.
Diego Villalba elevates the woman’s jacket into a luxury item. A principal couture piece in a collection inspired by styles of the past with an eye on future fashion concepts. Exclusive fabrics, shades of neutral nature, terracotta, ivory, nude, rosé, beige, distressed gold, styles inspired by the regulated uniformity of the Xian Warriors that results in a collection that dresses women in precise tailoring and avant-garde styles.
Angular lines, sinuous volumes and openings that incorporate optically the skin to the garment, a concept underlined by an asymmetric ideology. Crystals and gemstones that apparently wash up on the sands of southern beaches are a precious signature and remain scattered in different pieces of the collection. Subtle textures and 3D shapes, golden metallic meshes of different hues, distressed and hand positioned by the creative director himself, pigments of neutral tonal nature, illustrate couture models that add the attribute of transparency explicitly to the design.
The Fall/Winter 2016/17 couture collection by Alfredo Villalba marks the passage of time and guides towards the new codes and concepts of elegance, luxury and fashion, a personal tribute to the origin of the family fashion business emanating powerful women.