The clutch to play with

March 11, 2013 243 Views 0 Comments

Last winter, I’ve pre-ordered an item from my favorite american webshop, a Kotur clutch. The package arrived recently from New York. I fell in love instantly with it as I opened the package. First, it’s a very special looking one. Second there is a wet-gel running around the case is quite entertaining. Although it’s only happens for a few seconds when you turn it up or shaking the clutch, but well I can play with it for long.
Everytime I get it in my hands, I always shake well, and watching the pink bubbles floating down and away. The clutch can be opened on the top using a magnetic lock, and the gray pocket inside, which can be removed using the same magnetic technic to show or hide the contents of the bag.
I love this bag, I would use all the time, or play with it all day.