My story with Manolo Blahnik and his shoes

March 12, 2012 348 Views 0 Comments

It is never too late to share my story about Manolo Blahnik. It was a gorgeous moment of my life.

22 of February, 6pm was the moment when fans could meet the famous shoe designer on the purpose of opening a new shop at Liberty, London. Everybody was so excited, nearly all of them holding Manolo shoes (new and used ones also) or the book about Manolo in their hands and waiting to get those dedicated.

The previous day I visited the shop at Liberty to check the latest collection. I loved nearly all of them especially the one with pearls attached to the heels, but unfortunately those were out of stock at that moment. On the day of the opening event I went to the Old Church Street shop. It was a nice view to share.

Needless to say: the shoes on display caught my eyes immediately!


The hall of the shop was amazing and stylish.

After looking around the shop I found THE SHOES! It was a nice black and white foot-gear with pearls on the heals. Elegant, classy, not too fancy but juvenile. That exact pair of shoes was already sold but I could try it on if it fits or not. The shoes looked more pretty on my feets, and fitted very precisely.

The assistant was kind and helpful. He said that I could order this type of shoes with personalised design. I was able to select the materials and colors of the top, the borders, the stitching and the welt. The combination I selected will be a secret until I receive the shoes (3-4 weeks).

There were some technical problems with the pearls on the heels, so they decided to send them back to the factory. (I think it was about the pearls turning around). So the assistant promised me to get Manolo signing my shoes. He asked me where to sign: on the shoe or on the box? He suggested the box, otherwise it will wear down from the shoes.

It was a really good feeling to order my shoes this way. I was completely happy.

I went to the Liberty to meet the master in person. I arrived just in time to catch the front position in the que. After getting inside I realised that you can buy a book also, so I did.

I got more excited as the lenght of the que shortened.

…and there was the moment! I’m the one to talk with Manolo. I told him that I came from Hunagry (with my boyfriend) just for this occassion. He was surprised and said to his team: “Hungary”! The shoes I bought called “Duna” (Danube, the main river in Hungary). This can not be by accident… and it wasn’t. He said that he gave this name to his shoes because of the beautiful hungarian women. His father told him how beautiful city Budapest is, and also how beautiful women are there… “The hungarian and polish women are the most beautiful ones all over the world”. So he turned to me and told me: “so, you are beautiful because you are hungarian”. It was never felt so good, to be in heaven of fashion. He asked my name and signed the book:

The “I love your shoes” look of me:

After this conversation we made some photos. I was so happy to hug Manolo, one of the best shoe designer of the world. He is a star without stardom, so kind and fair.

… and finally, here is my favorite picture:

This is my best birthday gift ever received. I will never forget.

A part of my soul left there at the Liberty, 22 of February…!