Manish Arora and the Notify collection

december 3, 2011 328 Views 0 Comments

I published an article about my favorite designer, and here comes another one. Manish Arora and the Morocco born Maurice Ohayon in collaboration plan to hit the market with a spring/summer collection, selling from 2012 at Notify shops. One can choose from 15 pieces of beauty, the price is from 385€ to 815€.

Who is not familiar with the Notify briefly should know that this brand have founded by Maurice Ohayon in 2003, after spent 25 years in fashion industry. The international success of this brand is based on the combination of modern style and traditional craftsmanship. The basics of Maurce’s knowledge comes from her mother, as she was a dressmaker. The precise tailoring, the traditional detailing and the quality of embroidery makes Notify a brand above all the “denim-makers”.

I, personally, love the yellow, the green and the black-green ones.


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